MOTUS Disqus Tutorial: UPDATED

As all loyal MOTUS MOLs, MODs, MYLs, MYDs and FOMS know, MOTUS’ Echo commenting system is enjoying the fruits of Big Guy’s stimulated economy by going out of business. After exhaustive testing, MOTUS has decided to migrate to the brand spanking new, Disqus 2012 commenting system. Here I, Raj, will provide a reliable tutorial on Disqus.

I, Raj, have UPDATED this tutorial to demonstrate how to reclaim your “display name” or “handle” or to simply change it to soot your mood. Instructions will be found at the end of the tutorial.

This is what the comment section looks like:

Screenshot Studio capture #550

There are many ways to login and comment:

Screenshot Studio capture #551b

The “Login” click will open the Disqus Login dialog popup window:

Screenshot Studio capture #552

If you want to create a Disqus account of your very own, click “Need an account?”:

Screenshot Studio capture #583

This will bring the account creation dialog window where you will be asked to enter your Name (Handle) and email account:

Screenshot Studio capture #584

Likity-split, you will be sent an email containing a “verification” link to activate your shiny, new Disqus account. There are many advantages to having a Disqus account. I, Raj, will point them out as I go along, however, many may want to login using a facebook, twitter, or google+ account:

Screenshot Studio capture #553

and you will get additional login options:

Screenshot Studio capture #555

or by click in the “Name” box entering a handle and an email address:

Screenshot Studio capture #582

I, Raj, Logged in with my Disqus account:

Screenshot Studio capture #557

When logged in to my Disqus account

Screenshot Studio capture #558

After your account is activated, you can complete you Profile if you wish:

Screenshot Studio capture #559

and pick a super-cool avatar!

Screenshot Studio capture #561

Now, we will proceed to post some comments. This is my first:

Screenshot Studio capture #562

Woops! What if I made an embarrassing mistake? I can fix it with the edit button!

If you have a Disqus account, you can also delete your own comments from your Disqus dashboard. MOTUS has deleted many of her own comments this morning.

Screenshot Studio capture #565

Screenshot Studio capture #566

Now, let’s post a picture embedded in a comment:

Screenshot Studio capture #567

This will open a box to select a picture from you files:

Screenshot Studio capture #568

I like this one. It is my avatar only embiggened:

Screenshot Studio capture #569

This brings us to posting a youtube video. Currently, you can insert a url link to anything and it will be automatically converted to a clickable hyperlink, but only youtube video urls will have an embedded thumbnail:

Screenshot Studio capture #570

Here, after a few minutes is the post with the video thumbnail and hyperlink:

Screenshot Studio capture #571

You can vote a post up or down (like or dislike because hard as I, Raj, try to block them,  MOTUS does get trolls):

Screenshot Studio capture #572

In the morning, you can change your mind. “Change” not changa:

Screenshot Studio capture #573

I can “reply” directly to another commenter:

Screenshot Studio capture #574

or, “I can reply directly to s poster” Butterfingers!

Screenshot Studio capture #575

Did you notice that I, Raj am now a “MOD”! I must have had one too many birthdays.

I can share posts:

Screenshot Studio capture #576

or share the entire thread:

Screenshot Studio capture #577

I can even click on the star to tell MOTUS that I like her post: She’ll “like” that! It’s sort of the Disqus version of “Dittos”, Bam! or “Yum-o”!

Screenshot Studio capture #578

I can display the comment thread oldest first, like MOTUS Echo does occasionally when it’s misbehaving, or I can display comments newest first or by the most liked first.  You can choose!And, I can change the order back and forth “on the fly”! Kind of like Lady M changes her clothes.

I should recommend using the Oldest or Newest because with the Best, not all comments will be displayed.

Screenshot Studio capture #579

These extra tabs provide more information primarily to those who have and are logged into a Disqus account.

Screenshot Studio capture #580

Screenshot Studio capture #581

UPDATE #1: Changing Your “Display Name” or “Handle”

When you login to MOTUS snarky Disqus comment system to post snarks, the name “display name” or “handle” is inherited from the service that you log in with. If you login with a Disqus account, it your “display name” or “handle” will be the “Full Name” stored in your Disqus Profile. If you have not entered a “Full Name” in your Profile, Disqus will use the “user name” you created when you registered your account.

When creating a Disqus account you will often find that the “user name” you enter is “already taken.” This can cause pain in the heart, also feelings of anxiety and loss. Everyone wants their personal “handle.” The good news is you can have your own personal “handle”! Yes You Can!

Each Disqus account must have a unique “user name” because this is the directory of your account. However, every account can have any “display name” or “handle” and it can be CHANGEd at any time. Here’s how:

Navigate to your Disqus Dashboard and select Edit Profile as described above and click the “Profile” tab:

Screenshot Studio capture #559

Enter the name you wish to have displayed with your comments (your “handle”) in the “Full Name” line then click “Save”

Screenshot Studio capture #580

And you can CHANGE your handle whenever you wish:

Screenshot Studio capture #581

This concludes the UPDATE to MOTUS’ Disqus tutorial. Let’s be careful out there.

Practice and experimentation is available at many site around the intertubes including:

Please note that certain features available on Dewey From Detroit my humble blog, and now on MOTUS snarky blog, such as image and video embedding, may be disabled on some of these and other sites.

This concludes my handy and thorough tutorial on the Disqus comment system, coming soon to a MOTUS blog near you. Please enjoy, and do not hesitate to email me, Raj, with any questions ( Disqus 2012 is new and like Big Guy, rapidly evolving, only in a good way. I will update this tutorial as new and important CHANGEs YOU CAN BELIEVE IN are implemented.